Water Activities


This page is dedicated to news, licences, manuals and registries for water activities in Gauteng.

Water Activity Licence Registries

Activity Licenses

Scouts SA issues Water Awareness Certificates and Water Activity Licenses, both of which are valid for a period of five years. Activities involving swimming and barrel rafting require a water awareness certificate. Any form of boating requires a valid Water License, which is applicable to the type of boat and the water body.


The Safe Scouting Policy requires each region is required to maintain an active registry of its Water Activity License holders, these can be viewed by clicking on the relevant option below.

Water Awareness Registry (https://www.wateractivities.co.za/gauteng/water-awareness/)
Water Activity License Registry (https://www.wateractivities.co.za/gauteng/water-activity-license/)

 CASS Programme

Scouts South Africa has adopted a CASS (Continuous Assessment) Programme to ensure that Water Activity License Holders are keeping current in both skills and knowledge. Water Activity License are valid for 5 years from date of issue and may be renewed by attending the course every 5 years, or submitting a renewal application under the CASS Programme. If the regional Water Activities Committee find that the hours have been satisfactorily completed, then the License(s) will be renewed for a further 5 years . If the hours have not been completed or there has been misconduct the renewal will either be denied, or additional criteria will be put in place.

Continuous Assessment Programme (https://www.wateractivities.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/CASS-Programme.pdf)
CASS Renewal Application (https://www.wateractivities.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/CASS-Renewal-Application.pdf)
To start logging your hours or to check your progress please click here (https://www.wateractivities.co.za/ssa-cass-programme/gt-cass/).


Gauteng Training Team runs Water Awareness and Water Activity Licences throughout the year. Course dates and bookings are available on Scouts.Digital.

The complete Water Affairs Manual is also available below:

Module 1 – Responsibilities and Limits of the Water Awareness Certificate Holder

Module 2 – Responsibilities and Limits of the Water Charge Certificate Holder

Module 3 – OR as it applies to Water Activities

Module 4 – South African Small Vessel Regulations

Module 6 – Protective Gear and Safety Equipment

Module 7 – Swimming Safety, Barrel Rafting and Tubing

Module 8 – Boating Safety

Module 9 – Advanced Boating Safety

Module 10 – Pulling Boat & Dingy Seaworthiness

Module 11 – Canoe & Kayak Seaworthiness

Module 12 – Power & Keel Yacht Seaworthiness

Module 13 – Boat Loading

Module 14 – Stability

Module 16 – Swimming Rescue Procedure

Module 17 – River Rescue Techniques

Module 18 – Pulling Boat and Dinghy Emergency Procedures

Module 19 – Power & Keel Boat Emergency Procedures

Module 21 – First Aid and Waterborne Diseases

Module 23 – Weather Conditions and Cloud Formations

Module 24 – Meteorology

Module 26 – Classifying, Reading and Running the River

Module 30 – Introduction to the Sailing Boat

Module 31 – Introduction to the Gig

Module 32 – Introduction to Canoes & Kayaks

Module 33 – Introduction to the Keel Yacht

Module 34 – Introduction to Power Boats

Module 40 – Basic Kayaking

Module 41 – Advanced Kayaking

Module 42 – The Eskimo Roll

Module 43 – Basic Canoeing

Module 50 – International Rules of the Road

Module 51 – Navigation Marks, Lights and Sounds

Module 54 – Knotting – Bends and Hitches

Module 55 – Anchors and Anchoring

Module 56 – Environmental Conservation and Boat Washing

Module 60 – Global Positioning Systems

Module 61 – Chart Work

Module 62 – Radio Communications

Module 69 – Nautical Glossary

Module 70 – Continuous Certification Requirements