Young Leaders

The Gauteng Regional Young Leaders Team is a collection of young people within Gauteng who serve as the voice of young people at the regional level. The team is responsible for representing the views and opinions of young people within the organization. The team is led by the Regional Young Leaders Representative who works with the team and adult volunteers to develop and implement youth-focused programs and initiatives. The representative also serves as a liaison between the youth members of the organization and the adult leadership team, ensuring that young people’s voices are heard, and their needs are addressed.

One of the methods used to get input from across the Region is the Gauteng Regional Youth Forum. The Gauteng Regional Youth Forum in SCOUTS South Africa is a platform for young people from the region to come together, share ideas, and discuss and find solutions to issues related to the region. The Forum is defined in terms of the SCOUTS South Africa National Young Leaders Involvement Policy. The Forum is made up of representatives from Scout Groups within each District and plays an important part of the scouting structure in Gauteng, as it provides a space for young people to have a say in how the organization is run and to contribute to the development of youth-focused programs and initiatives. The Forum also serves as a means of communication between local scouting groups within the region, allowing them to collaborate and share ideas.

For the resolutions taken at the Gauteng Regional Youth Forum on 19 March 2023, please click here.