Regional Vacancies

The Gauteng Regional Team, together with Members of their respective Teams and Committees in the Region support the Scout Groups and Leaders in Gauteng, ensuring that Cubs, Scouts and Rovers experience the best Scouting, and that Adult Leaders have the training, resources and administrative support required to make that possible. We currently have some vacancies, and are looking for a few dedicated and capable people who would like to join the wider Gauteng team.

Applications or nominations are invited for the following roles in the Gauteng Region (Click on the role to link to the Job Description):

Volunteer Roles

Regional Management Committee:

Coordinates the support of the Scout Programme in the Region, and represents the interests and views of the National Scout Programme Team on the Regional Team.

Coordinates the support of the Meerkat Programme in the Region, and represents the interests and views of the National Meerkat Programme Team on the Regional Team.

Volunteer positions are open to any active adult member who meets the applicable criteria given in the Organisational Rules and Adult Support Policy, who feels that they can fulfil the respective Job Description, and who wants to take up the challenge to help support and grow Scouting across Gauteng. Applicants will be interviewed to assess their suitability for the post, to ensure a common understanding of the job requirements, and to give them an opportunity to ask questions about a role before accepting it.

For volunteer roles, click on one of the following to link to the applicable form:

Applications or nominations must be sent to, with a copy to

Please contact Gauteng Regional Commissioner Dr Angus Hay if you have any questions, or need more information about the roles. To contact Angus, email