A Cup Full of Love

Lending a Helping Hand in 2021






Join us to make a difference, by working together, to feed the Community!

Who can get involved?
Cubs, Scouters and Parents as Individuals or as a Group.

How to get involved and what to collect?
Collect a cupful a day of non-perishable foods that will help feed one person or a family. Put this in a sealable container or Ziplock Bag.

It can be one choice of ingredient per container, or a mixture of dry ingredients. (Eg. Ingredients to make a Loaf of bread)

Who to donate to?
Find out the needs within your community or those close to you, for delivery of your donations.

Collection Period 1:
30 March – 15 July for delivery – by 31 July

Collection Period 2:
1 August – 16 November, for delivery – by 30 November

Take Photos of your deliveries:
When Delivering to the community of your choice, please take photos and send them to: rochelle.booyens@scouts.org.za

Record your Cupful’s:
Record the amount of cupful’s, you have collected and let Akela know.

By the end of 2021 we would like to measure how many people Gauteng has helped feed.

Gauteng, Let Us Lend A Helping Hand in 2021.