Cubs spend a “Night At The Museum”

A Night At The Museum

On the 24th August 2019, 5 Groups from Southern District Cubs of Gauteng spent a “Night at the Museum” at the Natural History Museum in Pretoria. 51 Cubs and 17 Adults took part in this event. We had the normal mix of Cubs – some carried books around and took notes and drawings while others looked at the exhibits with great interest and amazement. What made them and the adults the same was the fun that they all had.

The glue that held it all together was Bongi, our guide from the Museum, who certainly could answer every question thrown at her by the Cubs and she knew her audience, keeping them interested all the time.

At 12:30 at night, after having just watched the movie, we expected the Cubs to come back for a mid-night feast but NO LUCK, they had used up the vast amount of energy that they had brought with them. It now was time for bed, the girls, boys and adults were split up and we slept in the exhibit halls.

On Saturday morning we were all up “Bright and Early” to have breakfast, cleanup and move out. With so much more knowledge having been gained and so many more memories to hang onto.