Kon Tiki 2018

KonTiki 2018 – Middle Earth

KonTiki 2018 took place over the weekend 18th to 20th May and, yet again, annual rafting event was a huge success. The event this year saw over 50 rafts on Homestead Dam at Arrowe Park in Benoni with thousands of scouts and supporters coming together for a bit of friendly competition and lots of scouting fun. This event is definitely one of the highlights of the scouting calendar in Gauteng and shows that the spirit of scouting is alive and well.

Well done to everyone who participated and a special congratulations to the winners of both the raft competition and KonTiki overall, 1st Kengray.

Next year KonTiki will be invaded by the Minions and we hope to see everyone back again then!

The official results are available on the KonTiki website.