Our team

SCOUTS South Africa is a volunteer run organisation with a limited number of paid staff. Gauteng has a very active and vibrant Scouting programme run by a fantastic team of volunteers.  This is our dynamic and experienced Gauteng management team!

Regional Commissioner: Dr Angus Hay

Dr Angus Hay has been involved in Scouting for 45 years. He was a Cub, Scout and Rover, achieving Leaping Wolf and Springbok. He holds a Scout Wood Badge, and was a Troop Scouter for ten years, before becoming a District Commissioner. He co-founded the Kim Shield in Gauteng, was Camp Chief for SANJAMB in 1997 and 2001, and has attended three World Scout Jamborees as an adult leader. Angus has held positions in Gauteng as Assistant Area Commissioner (Development), and Deputy Assistant Provincial Commissioner (Transformation). Before being appointed as Regional Commissioner, he was a Rover Scouter. Angus is an electrical engineer by profession, and holds a senior position in an international telecommunications company. Contact: gt.rc@scouts.org.za

Regional Team Coordinator – Scout Programme: Ryan de Jager

Ryan de Jager started his Scout journey at First Mafikeng Scout Group as a Cub in 1991. His family moved to Johannesburg in 1994 where he joined Robin Hills Scout Group as a Cub, then Scout, Assistant Troop Scouter and then Troop Scouter. Ryan achieved his Leaping Wolf and Springbok Scout. Ryan also attended the World Jamboree in Chile. He holds a Scout Wood Badge and is an Assistant Leader Trainer on the Training Team. After being a Troop Scouter, Ryan was a District Commissioner for a short period before taking on his current role as Regional Team Coordinator Scout Programme. Ryan is a Qualified Plumber and owns his own plumbing business. Contact: gt.scouts@scouts.org.za

Regional Team Coordinator – Cub Programme: Rochelle Booyens

Rochelle Booyens has been involved in Scouting for 19 years. She started as a Cub mom, Secretary for 1st Horison Scout Group, then Secretary for West Rand District and then decided to go into uniform as Pack Scouter for 1st Horison Scout Group on the West Rand. “The best decision ever”. She holds a Cub and GS Wood Badge and was a Pack Scouter for four years, when appointed as Assistant District Commissioner – Cub Programme, on the West Rand. In 2012 Rochelle was appointed as Regional Team Coordinator – Cub Programme for Gauteng. Rochelle is also part of the Gauteng Training Team as National Leader Trainer. Rochelle is a Project Manager for an Accounting Software/IT company. Contact: gt.cubs@scouts.org.za

Regional Team Coordinator – Rover Programme: Dawn Ledbitter

Dawn Elizabeth Ledbitter is a born and bred Gautenger. Hailing from a Sea Scout Troop in Pretoria, she has been involved as an adult leader since 2013. Dawn has been in the Rover branch since 2015, with Prometheus Rovers, and has flourished under the engaging content of the program, holding multiple roles in the branch. Rovers has gifted her with a spirit of adventure, dedication, leadership and the best friends anyone could ask for. When she is not Rovering or Scouting, she is a Teacher Operations Coordinator at eTeacher with a keen interest in the education and training space. Naturally, as a Scout, she is rarely indoors and finds herself in love with sailing, paddling, rowing and swimming and any Sea Scout activity, (not rivers) and most recently rock climbing, and kloofing. Contact: gt.rovers@scouts.org.za

Regional Team Coordinator – Meerkat Programme: Grant van Rooyen

Grant van Rooyen has been involved in Scouting for 21 years. He started as a Pack Helper in the Robin Hills Scout Group in the Randburg District and then went into uniform as an Assistant Pack Scouter for the Robin Hills Cub Pack. “It is my way of giving back to our youth of our country to make them better citizens for our wonderful country.” He holds a Cub Woodbadge. He has held the position of Assistant District Commissioner – Cub Programme for Randburg District for two years. Has recently been appointed District Commissioner for the Randburg District since 2018 and has now taken on the new role of Regional Team Coordinator – Meerkat Programme. Grant has been in the travel industry for the last 10 years and has worked abroad in the USA and has travelled extensively across the globe. Contact: gt.meerkats@scouts.org.za

Regional Team Coordinator – Adult Leader Training: Carl Nitzsche

Carl Nitzsche started his Scouting career as a Troop Scouter in 2005. During his time as a Troop Scouter he was always involved in training, starting as Course Director for oars charges in 2006. Since that time Carl has immersed himself in various aspects of training and was warranted as Leader Trainer in 2017. Carl supports his Scouting habit through systems architecture and managing a software development team for a business analytics company. Contact: gt.training@scouts.org.za

Regional Team Coordinator – Adult Resources: Paula Groenewald

Paula Groenewald has been involved in Scouting for nearly 30 years. She started her Scouting career as a Brownie and a Girl Guide. In 1994 she became an adult member of SCOUTS South Africa as a Pack Scouter in the East Rand. Her four sons were all Cubs and Scouts with her oldest son becoming a Springbok Scout. In 2002 she was the first Troop Scouter at the time for the girls that formed part of the Sea Scout Group in Benoni. Most recently she holds the position of a Regional Team Member – Cubs, assisting a number of Packs in the East Rand District. Paula is a microbiologist by profession as well as working in the food safety field. Presently she manages the office for her husband’s consultancy company. Contact: gt.adult@scouts.org.za

Regional Young Leaders Representative: Justice Kgomo

Justice Kgomo started his Scouting career at 1st Isiphosethu Scout Troop in KATHORUS as a Scout in 2014. He recruited 15 learners at his school to start 1st Phumula Gardens Scout Troop where he lived. He was a TL, ATS and then Troop Scouter. He managed to push his advancements up to First Class, he did some adult training up to warrant so far and he’s a Support Team Member (Scouts) in Kathorus. He’s now a member of the Eland District Rover Crew and he’s currently studying Mechanical Engineering (ncv) level 3 at Ekurhuleni West TVET College Germiston Campus. Contact: justice.kgomo@scouts.org.za

Regional Finance Representative: John Sturgeon

John has been Gauteng Treasurer / Regional Finance Representative since 2010, as well being responsible for the property portfolio. From 1997 to 2005, he was a member and chair of the National Finance Committee, and since 2018, has been National Finance Committee Chair. John is a qualified Chartered Account and was Group Executive – Corporate Finance and Capital Management within the Liberty Holdings Group for 15 years.  He consults to Liberty Holdings since retirement, responsible for Corporate actions in Africa amongst other responsibilities. John has held various Financial Directorship positions including Argus Holdings Limited and the Premier Group Limited. For recreation, John enjoys cycling. Contact: john.sturgeon@scouts.org.za

Regional Marketing Representative: Claire Smithard

Claire Smithard has been in the Movement for over 25 years and started her career as a Teddie, then moved onto Brownies, Guides, Rangers and then switched over to Scouting as a Rover. As a member of the Phoenix Rover Crew she has served on the Gauteng Rover Advisory Council and is on her path to BP. She is an ATS at 6th Benoni Scout Group. Scouting runs in her family with her Great Grand Father, Grand Fathers and Mother all being members within the Movement. To support her Scouting life, Claire is a Digital Marketer. Contactclaire.smithard@scouts.org.za